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There are 64 physical levels in the dungeon. The levels are certainly not independent of one another and you will pass back and forth between levels as you seek your goals, but many levels do have their own identity.

Each physical level has 32 x 32 map squares. Especially the upper levels are densely packed, almost no floor space is "wasted".

List of locations, areas and places

There is a list of detailed level and area descriptions which does not (yet) contain every intersting place.


Conflux is really huge, and without using maps it's easy to lose your way or miss interesting things.

The map password scrolls

In the game you can find password scrolls. Use the passwords to access the hand painted secret online maps being officially part of the game. Those contain quite a few areas of the dungeon. Especially if you consider using the online maps described below to spoil too much of the game, these maps provide a great help.

Mapping yourself

  • Parallax provided the following (from the forums):
  • Now (2012) overworked with some additional information for the current Conflux version:

For people trying to locate places absolutely, here's a list of my tricks.

  1. If you can connect it back to a known place without going through any teleporter (stairs are OK, but watch your compass), do it.
  2. If you can't, try using the "see through wall" spell YAEWDAIN (YA EW DAIN) to locate an already mapped place.
  3. If you think you can see an already mapped area, but are not sure, go to the square you think you see and drop a few plasma or other items on the square you think you see, on the subtiles that are away from the wall. If the next square over is empty, drop a few items there too. Return to the previous place and check.
  4. If you look at a door sideways through a wall, the frame will not be displayed. Keep it in mind. Same goes for stairs that have the wrong orientation.
  5. If you cannot even figure out what level you are on, try removing all light sources. If you can still see, you are on the Guild level or the Altar of the Assault.
  6. Cast the light spells FUL (FUL) or DESIRRA (DES IR RA). If you are on the Mines level, you will know.
  7. Cast the treasure hunting spell OHIRROS (OH IR ROS). If you are on an upper level (0, Guild to 16, Apprentice), and already have found the level's treasure, you will know your exact level. If you haven't yet found the level's main treasure, you are told the direction where the current level's treasure is hidden. If the spell fails, you are on level 17 or below; those levels haven't got a detectable treasure.
  8. Cast the improved hearing spell OHKATH (OH KATH). You may pick up clues as to what other areas are nearby. Even without the spell, there are specific noises to be heard on many levels.
  9. Get the unique compass "Learning Advisor" (see Compass entry in Misc) and examine it. It will display a unique text message on many of the upper levels; the message "MEETING DESTINY" is shown on the levels 9 to 12 (the guild master endings); the message "DIMENSION OF LINEARITY" is shared between many levels below the Moria; other levels down there haven't got a message.
  10. If all else fails, look at what monsters and decorations are around, and what the "cycling" colour is. If you have a Cerberus, put it down and look at its eyes (thanks Beo!), otherwise you have to rely on monsters, and running an inventory of monsters/decorations allowed and disallowed on each level is too much of a pain for me to bother with it. With some work put into it, it might be a powerful method, though.

The online maps on this wiki

There's an interactive map on this site containing detailed information including the in-game Hint Oracle of the most recent Conflux version.

  • Paul wrote: Antman has been mapping ConfluxIII using CSBuild. He very kindly shared his savegame with me. He has mapped many levels at least in part. I have put the maps into the database.

The following sections describe how to use and even update those maps.

The map viewer and a list of the levels

By clicking on a level, you will get the whole level map. Everything in red triggers a popup note. Click on a stairway or a pit to get to the linked level.

  • The level notes page contains the descriptions for the map pages; all information there is displayed to the right of the appropriate level's map, highlights map squares there, or shows additional popup texts. Beware: you can read all the hints for all levels at once there, this file is one huge spoiler!

The map descriptions in brackets below don't mention every area to be found on the levels, but only the most important or largest ones. Many areas spread across several levels and are connected through stairs or teleporters. Many levels contain rooms belonging to areas where the main part or entrance is located on another level. There are few levels containing exactly one dungeon area.

Map editor usage

You can contribute your own mapping efforts and edit the wiki's online maps.

You can edit or add new notes on the level notes page. The level comments can also be edited there. This file generates all help texts on the map pages except the Oracle Hint poems, those are imported from the game files.

You can edit the maps, go to Edit mode and login with your dmwiki account. Beware: there is no undo function, if you make a mistake, don't save! If you made a mistake and save, it's possible to delete a changeset now, but beware nonetheless: you might delete a whole map forever!

Other online maps

  • At [1], there are maps automatically generated from dungeon files, among them a few Conflux versions. These can help to physically locate an area if it has a unique shape. The web site contains also the "Swoosh Construction Kit", which creates such maps from unencrypted dungeon files.