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Return to Chaos (hereafter RTC) is a Windows version of the FTL classic computer game "Dungeon Master" and its sequels "Chaos Strikes Back" and "Dungeon Master II: The Legend of Skullkeep".

RTC is programmed by George Gilbert who has this to say about its development : "Whilst I make no claim to the idea, graphics or sounds, the program itself was entirely written by myself; mostly as a work avoidance tactic in my final couple of months at university. I started writing RTC to learn as I went along the basics of game programming and as such it is the first and only game I have ever written; please be tolerant with any bugs you find! I wish to thank those denizens of the 'Net who have play tested the game exhaustively - I hope this game brings as much pleasure to you as it did to me whilst writing it. Good luck and have fun."

The latest version of RTC can always be downloaded from George's site : http://ragingmole.com/RTC/


Once of the main features that makes RTC attractive to budding dungeon designers is its customisability. Whole new adventures can be made using the provided editor, and new graphics and sounds can give the game a new look and feel. It also runs at 640x480, allowing higher resolution images than the original games from FTL.

The forums for discussing RTC contain a wealth of information about editing the game, but it's difficult to find key information, so this Wiki is now being used to collect together all the good stuff. Please contribute if you can!

General RTC information

Basic Dungeon Building

Advanced Dungeon Building

Further Customizing

Library of Examples

Other Languages Supported


For more information or to contribute bug reports or suggestions, you can visit the RTC forums :