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Doors are simply that, a door that can be triggered to open/close.

In RTC, when designing a dungeon, a door must be de-activated to open and activated to close. If a door is already open, then calling de-activate further times will have no affect.

Doors can also be "hacked" or "blasted" open.

A door can be "hacked" open by a character, with enough strength, attacking the door. In the editor, the percentage strength vs. bash is a percentage of 255 strength. IE: if a door has 50% strength to bash, a character requires 128 strength to be able to "hack" the door open.

A door can be "blasted" open by a character casting a sufficient strength fireball at the designated door.

Door frames

Currently all doors require a door frame, an error or warning will be displayed if there is not one. Door frames will block zo/open door spells.

How to add a Door

  1. Right click
  2. Edit
  3. Add
  4. Door
  5. select the style of door
  6. From here you may choose its State and Strength.

How to add a Door Frame

  1. Right click
  2. Edit
  3. Add
  4. Floor Object
  5. FLOORITEM_DOORFRAME in the style you are after
  6. with button means key/keyhole may not be necessary. (Keyholes may be found in the Wall Objects section, keys are Misc items placed usually in the hard to reach/find parts of the dungeon)

Order of placement

  1. doorframe
  2. button
  3. door

Doorframe with button

The DM2 door frames with the button graphic included. You will still need to add a button floor item, otherwise the door wont open.

Unlocking doors with keys and lock picks

See Mechanics for more information, but in short: a keyhole on the wall will be triggered by the key to open the door, a second keyhole on the same wall this one is triggered by the lock picks to open the door.

Possible problems

2 doors should not be placed side by side in a dungeon, there must be a wall separating them, if you do so the doors will appear to have a gap between them. To fix this a custom/special image will be needed.

Some problems have been seen when placing fake walls too close to a door, that is, a fake wall just before or after the door. Since you do not have to state which way to align the door eg north/south and east/west the editor may align the door to the fake wall. To fix this place the door in before placing the fake walls.