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Food and Drink

Any item in RTC that has a food or water value will be classed as a consumable.

Max food and Water

Food and water bars are located in the champions inventory. The bars go from 0 to 30000, so a food item set to 7500 will add 25% back to the bar. For an example A worm roll has a food value of 3500 (about 10%) and a dragon stake has one of 14000 (almost 50%).

Table of Consumable Items

This table may help assign values and bonuses to the custom items you want to make and use. Table does not include magic potions.

Item Bonus Weight
Flask water 12000 water 0.3kgs
Flask water murky 8000 water 0.3kgs
Apple 5000 food 0.4kgs
Bread 6500 food 0.3kgs
Cheese 8200 food 0.8kgs
Corn 6000 food 0.4kgs
Dead bat 2500 food 0.6kgs
Dragon steak 14000 food 0.6kgs
Drumstick 9900 food 0.4kgs
Fairy cushion 500 food +20 str -25 wis 0.3kgs
Jicama 4000 food 0.5kgs
Mana blossom 2000 food +15 Mana 2kgs
Palmapple 5000 food 1.6kgs
Screamer slice 5500 food 0.5kgs
Shank 9900 food 0.4kgs
Spirit cap 10 food -20 wisdom 0.3kgs
Steak 14000 food 0.6kgs
Worm round 3500 food 1.1kgs
Bota empty 0 water 0.3kgs
Bota almost empty 8000 water 0.5kgs
Bota almost full 8000 water 0.7kgs
Bota full 8000 water 0.9kgs
Tankard empty 0 water 0.1kgs
Tankard half full 8000 water 0.2kgs
Tankard full 8000 water 0.5kgs
Waterskin empty 0 water 0.3kgs
Waterskin almost empty 8000 water 0.5kgs
Waterskin almost full 8000 water 0.7kgs
Waterskin full 8000 water 0.9kgs

Customising Food

Food can be customised to cause poison, expire (go rotten), provide more than one meal (similar to the apples in Bloodwych; one bite makes an apple core the second bite finishes the apple). Simply clone the food and change some of the bonuses. More info to follow.