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Relays are a type of wall mechanic, this means they must be place on a wall tile. Relays to work must meet the conditions assigned to them before the action will take place. Relays are used in conjunction with Actions to allow special or complex Mechanisms to take place, see Mechanisms for more information.

Possible Conditions

condition set type
Number eg 1, 2, 3, etc
Value of item selected from dungeon
  1. Strength
  2. X
  3. Y
  4. Z
  5. Direction
  6. Member = returns a value of 1-4 based on who the leader is, if the 2nd Champion is the leader a value of 2 is passed to the relay.
  7. Member health
  8. Member health max
  9. Member stamina
  10. Member stamina max
  11. Member mana
  12. Member mana max
  13. Member strength
  14. Member strength max
  15. Member dexterity
  16. Member dexterity max
  17. Member wisdom
  18. Member wisdom max
  19. Member vitality
  20. Member vitality max
  21. Member anti magic
  22. Member anti magic max
  23. Member anti fire
  24. Member anti fire max
  25. Member fighter
  26. Member ninja
  27. Member priest
  28. Member wizard
  29. Member food
  30. Member water
  31. Member poison
  32. Member load
  33. Member shield fire
  34. Member shield magic
  35. Member shield monster
  36. Member object on head
  37. Member object on body
  38. Member object on legs
  39. Member object on feet
  40. Member object on hand left
  41. Member object on hand right
  42. Member object on neck
  43. Character
  1. X
  2. Y
  3. Z
  4. Direction
  5. Members = returns a value of 1-4 based on the number of Champions in the party.
  6. Highest health
  7. Highest health max
  8. Highest stamina
  9. Highest stamina max
  10. Highest mana
  11. Highest mana max
  12. Highest strength
  13. Highest strength max
  14. Highest dexterity
  15. Highest dexterity max
  16. Highest wisdom
  17. Highest wisdom max
  18. Highest vitality
  19. Highest vitality max
  20. Highest anti magic
  21. Highest anti magic max
  22. Highest anti fire
  23. Highest anti fire max
  24. Highest luck
  25. Highest fighter
  26. Highest ninja
  27. Highest priest
  28. Highest wizard
  29. Highest food
  30. Highest water
  31. Highest poison
  32. Highest load
  33. Object on mouse
  1. First Character name
  2. Other Character name/s...
Object selected in dungeon
  1. Equal to
  2. No equal to
  3. Greater than
  4. Greater than or equal to
  5. Less than
  6. Less than of equal to
  7. Or; if no conditions present don't do action
  8. And; if both conditions present do action
  9. Xor; if both or no conditions present don't do action
  10. Nor; if no conditions present do action
  11. Nand; if both conditions present don't do action

Possible Actions

A relay can perform a number of actions.

Activate, target stays on/activated/visible;

Deactivate, target stays off/deactivated/invisible;

Toggle, target swaps between on/off;


Destroy, target is removed/invisible and can't be activated again.


Up to 8 targets can be selected from within your dungeon, a second relay would be needed if more is required.

Other actions

Other actions can also be preformed by the relay: Rotating, moving, delay…