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Teleporters. These can either be visible or invisible. During any point of the game where you appear to been magical moved to a new location, or spin around without warning a teleporter has been used. (trap door have also know to do this but cause damage to your party.)

How to install a teleporter:

  1. Right click
  2. Edit
  3. Add
  4. Floor Mechanics
  6. From here you can adjust its State, Destination, Probability, Rotation, Operated by, and Sound

State = Active or Inactive.

Destination = Where the target will end up; another level, back a few steps…

Probability = The chance the object is moved

Rotation = The spin effect

Operated by = who will be able to use it. The OpBys heading.

Sound = if any.

Traditionally a blue colour, and sometimes used to produce an underwater effect.