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How to add new images

  1. Resources tab
  2. Add/Replace Graphics
  3. Add New...Bitmap
  4. Search for file (*.png or *.bmp)
  5. Set the scalings to: 6 for Monsters of Items that can be picked up, 3 for Doors and wall items, 1 for icons and others things

General Offsets

Monsters and items that can be picked up

  1. X-offset = 0
  2. Y-offset = about 3/4s of height of image (3/4 of the number in the Height box)


  1. X-offset = 0
  2. Y-offset = the height of image (the number in the Height box)

Wall items to be centred on the wall, and Icons

  1. X-offset = 0
  2. Y-offset = 0

Others/all should be tested in your dungeon.

Invisible colour/Background colour of Images

In RTC the background colour of images should be set to RGB (Red/Green/Blue)= 255,0,255 (pink) or as a transparent layer (gimp can does this). Transparent layers may create a strange background in the editor, but will be fine in the game itself.

Assigning New Object Graphics

  1. Clone the item that best suits the new object: monster, wall item, floor item; can you walk though them or do the stop movement, etc.
  2. Icons tab: assign map(32x32 scale) and magic map images (14x14).
  3. Bitmaps tab: if symmetrical.

Front0= what you see if you are standing on top of the tile

Front1= Normally just set this with your image

Front2= This will scale up your image seen from one step away

Front3= This will scale up your image even more seen from two steps away