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Are the bitmap images used to display the basic environment of your dungeon. That is the walls. These can be changed to model different environments.

Environments that are depicted included in the editor are:

  • Default – simple brick walls
  • Cave – brown earthy texture
  • Misty - yellowy outside hedging
  • Thicket – green outside hedging
  • Stone – smaller cobble stones
  • Rooftop - space available for roof

Creating your own wallsets from pre-existing bitmaps.

  1. Go to ‘Create New Wallsets’ from the ‘Resources’ menu.
  2. Click the Clone button.
  3. Replace all the graphics in the headings Front, Left, Side, Floor, Roof, and Other, with the images you desire. To do this clicking on the … button to the left of the one being replaced. After starting a few recommended Bitmaps come up which helps speed up the process.

Alternative Wallset Setup

If you want all the available wallsets it may be easier to open the DMII and save/rename it as your new dungeon, delete all the levels starting from the lowest up. To remove the unwanted actions hold ‘ctrl d’ over the action, or right click delete, click yes to all the boxes that come up. This will mean all the DMII wallsets are pre-set into your new dungeon.

Note that layout will start with errors, due to unplaced heroes, but this just means that you newbie dungeon designers will get a general idea for stats for starting characters.

Your Original Dungeon Wallsets

Create your own wallsets from images. Import these through the ‘Add/replace graphics’ under the Resources menu.

Note: Movement will be simulated by flipping all the wall images every time the party moves one step. This means that anything you draw on a wall will be flipped every other step. Problems may occur if hints/puzzles are given on the wallset image itself. These are best imported in as a wallitem.

More than one wallset on a level

Most dungeon designers will am for a seamless movement from an inside environment to an outside environment. That is going from inside a house to the outside and then into a cave or castle without having to click on ladders or going up or down stairs (like in the Dungeon Master Java Editor).


Changing the floor tile

  1. Right click on the floor
  2. Click Edit (or ‘ctrl+E’)
  3. Click Add
  4. In ‘Floor Mechanics’ click ‘FLOORITEM_WALLSET_ALT’
  5. Click the … for a search the wallsets you have set up.

Changing the wall tile

  1. Right click on the wall
  2. Click Edit (or ‘ctrl+E’)
  3. Select the ‘ALT_WALLSET_...’ of your choosing under the Wall Mechanics section

Helpful hints

To increase speed of editing your floor tiles and walls, use the copy and paste option. Warning, holding down ‘ctrl+V’ may add more than one of the same wallset to the same tile.