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New Dungeon

On creating a new dungeon from the File menu, a blank (all walls) 32x32 level will be generated. In the top left hand corner the icons for Party Entrance will be given. This level will be Level 0

Changing the level size, wallset, and light levels

Under the Levels heading click on the Edit button

  • You may change the dungeon width and length to a maximum of 99
  • The Wallset for level may be changed if you have setup up other wallsets in the Resources heading, see Wallsets for more information.
  • Light levels for the level may be set here.
  • Offset for the level can be added.
  • Item Identifiers will be the prefix added to the items in the level, this may make reading the txt file of your dungeon a little easier later on. Typically level 0 will be given ‘A’ as the Item Identifier, level 1 ‘B’ etc.

Randomly generated level

You may create a randomly generated level. Click on the Level button in the Add Random heading. Playing around with the Characteristics and Additional Rooms may assist you.

Making your own level

Or you may create your own designed level.