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Monster Attack Methods

Most monsters attack in some way. The main attack methods they use are related to the amount of damage they can cause, eg

MONSTER_ATTACK_1 Ave=5.4 Min=3 Max=8

MONSTER_ATTACK_2 Ave=19 Min=11 Max=25

MONSTER_ATTACK_3 Ave=56 Min=10 Max=88

MONSTER_ATTACK_4 Ave=94 Min=54 Max=144

MONSTER_ATTACK_5 Ave=175 Min=135 Max=238

MONSTER_ATTACK_6 Ave=220 Min=90 Max=331

MONSTER_ATTACK_7 Ave=270 Min=108 Max=422

Giving Monsters A Hero Type Attack

If you clone a monster and give it a non Monster Attack, such us Thrust, it will cause damage to that creature when it tries to attack. This may also do the same if you assign a Monster Attack to a weapon your hero uses.

Customising a Monster

Create a Monster >3 Attacks

Have your attack method activate a relay (let's call it RELAY_1 for reference).

Create a new counter (value = 1).

Create a new relay (RELAY_2) and setup its condition to check if the counter < 1, set target to the counter (de-activate). You use this relay to reset the counter.

Create another 2 relays (RELAY_3 & RELAY_4) setup both conditions to check if the counter = 1. Then, set RELAY_3's chance to activate to 50%. Set both relay's top target to the counter (activate). These 2 relays are your actual "effect activation" relays... each has a 50/50 chance of activating, if triggered one after another (RELAY_3 then RELAY_4)... This is because they both reduce the counter's value (by activating the counter), making it no longer equal to 1. So, if RELAY_3 activates, then RELAY_4 won't because the condition will fail... but, if RELAY_3 doesn't activate (50% chance) then the counter stays at 1 and RELAY_4 (having 100% chance to activate) will fire.

Now, all that's left to do is go back to RELAY_1, and setup the target-list (from top to bottom, activate) RELAY_2, RELAY_3, RELAY_4... they MUST be activated in the correct order, so this part is important! Here's what happens when RELAY_1 fires, it triggers RELAY_2, which resets the counter if it is less than 1, then the other 2 relays fire, and your effect happens... one way OR the other.

To increase the number of possible options (you can have up to 7 possible outcomes) just divide the number of relays left in the chain into 100%... so if you have 4 possible outcomes, the first relay would have 25% (100/4), the second would have 33% (100/3) then the last two would be the same as above, 50% (1/2) & 100% (1/1, last option in the list). Then you just need to execute them in the right order and all should work as expected.

Just a note: if you build this relay chain all on the one tile, just copy and paste to make more, however, the relay conditions DON'T copy and paste (they stay pointing to the original counter), you'll need to update the cloned tile's relay checks, but that's all that needs fixing.