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Custom Items

To create custom items in the RTC you have to first 'clone' an original item, replacing their graphics is optional. In this section you will find examples of how to create different items and weapons (including attack methods).

Custom Miscellaneous Items


The current items that can be contained are: Tiny, Arrows, Keys, Coins, Small, Darts, Scrolls, Gems, Medium, Rocks, Flasks, Valuables (coins and gems), Large, Stars, Huge, and Daggers.

To create a Herb Container for example that does not match these, but you do not want other items to be accidentally put it, you could:

  1. Clone a DART
    1. Set its name to THROWING STAR
    2. Change the image back to a throwing star
    3. Change attack methods back to those of a throwing star
  2. Clone a THROWING STAR
    1. Set its name to HERB
    2. Set its image to a herb
    3. Change attack methods to that of your herb
  3. Clone a MONEY BOX
    1. Set its name to HERB BOX
    2. Set it to contain stars

The game will now think your herbs are stars and let you put them in the box, and your stars are darts and not let you put them into the box.

This type of method can only be used a limited number of times and will not work if you also want separate dart and star containers

Real Shield Blocking

As shields were not that useful in the original DM games, they were more for aesthetics, that is didn't help that much. To make shields that provide more of benefit to champions:

  1. Make 2 clones of your shield.
  2. Make one with the normal defense value,
  3. Add an additional luck bonus (this will effect chance of your hit and to be hit)
  4. Replace the attack method with the one you are about to make
  5. Make one with a higher defense value,
  6. Add an additional luck bonus
    1. Set expire to 15 (this will end up being 2.6sec)
    2. Set the convert on expire back to the first shield
  7. Create New Attack
    1. Name it 'Block'
    2. Set the action to Swap Character Hand Right,
      1. Set Object 1 to your higher defense shield

Custom Weapons

Custom weapons may require new attack methods, this section will give you examples of how to create these.

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