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* [http://dmwiki.atomas.com/maps/view/conflux/26 Level 26 - Hell, Unleashed]
* [http://dmwiki.atomas.com/maps/view/conflux/26 Level 26 - Hell, Unleashed]
* [http://dmwiki.atomas.com/maps/view/conflux/27 Level 27]
* [http://dmwiki.atomas.com/maps/view/conflux/27 Level 27]
* [http://dmwiki.atomas.com/maps/view/conflux/28 Level 28]
* [http://dmwiki.atomas.com/maps/view/conflux/28 Level 28 - Air]
* [http://dmwiki.atomas.com/maps/view/conflux/29 Level 29]
* [http://dmwiki.atomas.com/maps/view/conflux/29 Level 29]

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Map viewer usage

By clicking on a level, you will get the whole level map. Everything in red triggers a popup note. You can edit or add new notes on the Levels notes page. The level comments can also be edited there.

You can edit the maps, go to Edit mode and login with your dmwiki account. Beware: there is no undo function, if you make a mistake, don't save ! I you made a mistake and save, please contact User:WikiSysop.

Click on a stairway to get to the linked level.


There are many physical levels in the dungeon. The levels are certainly not independent of one another and you will pass back and forth between levels as you seek your goals. But many levels do have their own identity.

Paul wrote: Antman has been mapping ConfluxIII using CSBuild. He very kindly shared his savegame with me. He has mapped many levels at least in part. I have put the maps into the database.

Parallax provided the following (from the forums): For people trying to locate places absolutely, here's a list of my tricks.

  1. If you can connect it back to a known place without going through any teleporter (stairs are OK, but watch your compass), do it.
  2. If you can't, try using the seethroughwall spell YA EW DAIN to locate an already mapped place.
  3. If you think you can see an already mapped area, but are not sure, go to the square you think you see and drop a few plasma or other items on the square you think you see, on the subtiles that are away from the wall. If the next square over is empty, drop a few items there too. Return to the previous place and check.
  4. If you look at a door sideways through a wall, the frame will not be displayed. Keep it in mind. Same goes for stairs that have the wrong orientation.
  5. If you cannot even figure out what level you are on, try removing all light sources. If you can still see, you are on the Guild level.
  6. Cast FUL. If you are on the Mines level, you will know.
  7. Cast the treasure hunting spell. Depending on the level, and whether you already found some treasures, you will know either your exact level, or whether you are on levels (Guild to Apprentice) or (Aquantana and below).
  8. Cast the improved hearing spell. You may pick up clues as to what other areas are nearby.
  9. If all else fails, look at what monsters and decorations are around, and what the "cycling" color is. If you have a Cerberus, put it down and at its eyes (thanks Beo!), otherwise you have to rely on monsters, and running an inventory of monsters/decorations allowed and disallowed on each level is too much of a pain for me to bother with it. With some work put into it, it might be a powerful method, though.


Other levels

The following levels are not situated for sure with respect to the main dungeon. Their position and ordering are therefore uncertain.

  • Altar of Ancient Doors (and, possbly, others) - Doors close, doors open, but somehow never the ones you really want to get through. Violence is not the answer here.
  • Altar of the Assault - Fight the invaders, save the city, get the girl! (Alright fine, there is no girl, but the rest is true.)
  • Outworld - Hallways made of metal, stars moving fast outside the windows, strange creatures and stranger devices. Something is really, really wrong here.
  • Sucked In - Uh-oh, maybe opening dimensional doors at random was not such a great idea after all. If you can find it, enjoy your scroll of infinite teleports (until the bug is fixed.)

There may be additional levels. Various altars, the Maze of Thieves, the Steel Sphinx, the Elemental Realms, and some other areas have not yet been located on the main map.