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  • The Storage Cellar is one of the areas directly accessible from the Guilds, and probably one of the first places you explore in the game.
  • This place is the north-western part of a larger area, but you must find the way first.
  • Map

How to get there

Read the wall inscriptions and take the appropriate stairs down from the Guilds.


  • Open the Winged Key door with the defective lock. Show text
    • Learn how to drink.
      • Discover the Chewer Tree generator.
        • Learn to fight the Chewer Trees.
          • Learn what to do with their remains.
  • Find the openable wall.
  • Open the Iron Key doors if you've got enough keys. Show text


  • From and to the Guilds through the stairs to the west.
  • A Gold Key door to the Temple (or wait until you can cast strong enough fireballs to burn it down).
  • A pit with a trap on the Temple's level, you can choose to jump down to the Sewers, or drop all your possessions there wich you should't do. Better ignore the rope for now.
  • To the main Cellar area through an openable wall at the trapped pit.
  • To the Sewers go downstairs.