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  • The Cellar is the main part of level 1.
  • You find quite a few items and riddles here as well as a constant food and water supply as soon as rats aren't a threat for your party any more.
  • This is the main learning area for a starting party.

How to get there

From the Guilds, go down the stairs to the Wine Cellar or the Storage Cellar, which form the western parts of the Cellar. Open up the paths to the main part from there.


  • Loot the Alcoves.
  • Find the Rat generator to the south-east to get Fur Rags and Steaks.
  • Look out for Pit D which begins here, but beware: a starting party won't survive to go down there.
  • Loot the Food Storages, which are only accessible from here, if you are strong enough.
  • Find a VI Altar in case party members die.
  • Perform the quests and solve the puzzles:
    • Find the Long Lost Wand, one of the main treasures.
    • Solve the riddle of the Fountain of Wisdom.
    • The Quest for the Flask
    • Supplies for the strong: a hint is in the north-eastern room behind the Square Key door to the Mildew Area.
    • Find a way to close the pit to reach an alcove.
    • Find a wall button for a distant door.
    • Not all opening mechanisms look like buttons. pressure plates or locks.


  • See also Storage Cellar (the north-western area).
  • See also Wine Cellar (the south-western area).
  • Onto the stairs between Temple and Sewers through a pit at {1,19,14}.
  • To the Sewers into a small room near the Aquantana room through a pit at {1,21,14}.
  • To the Sewers near the Aquantana room through a pit at {1,20,18}.
  • From (or to, if you have a Winged Key to spend) the Temple through a door to the east, which is locked from this side.
  • From (or to, if you have a Square Key to spend) the Mildew Area with the MIPS puzzle through a door to the north-east, which is locked from this side.
  • To and from the Minotaur's Maze via the ladder near the Rat generator.
  • Pit D
  • From, then to the Vinegar storage rooms via the stairs west of Pit D.
  • To and from the Food Storages via the stairs near the southern Wine Cellar door.
  • From the Temple through an openable wall to the south, then also back.