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  • The Temple is directly below the Cellar (a few Temple locations are on the Cellar level) and above the Sewers.
  • It is not recommended that you go there too early in your game, because it is unlikely that a weak party will survive the spells of the monks.
  • The Temple consists of two parts, the inner sanctuary, the Iron Temple, and the Monastery, where the monks live.
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How to get there

  • Take the stairs from the sewers to the Iron Temple.
  • Go to the rope besides the pit in the Storage Cellar. A pit behind you will open, so you're trapped now. Climb down the newly opened pit into the Monastery.


  • Learn powerful magic, obtain wands:
    • Gain the OHGOR (OH GOR) spell and cast powerful lightnings onto your foes.
    • Find the scroll for the YAVEN (YA VEN) spell and cast poison blobs onto your foes.
    • Find the scroll for the ZOEW (ZO EW) spell and kill immaterial beings.
    • Find the scroll for the YAEWDAIN (YA EW DAIN) spell and look through walls.
    • Find Wands of FUL (FUL).
    • Find the Dragon Spit, cast LOFULKATH (LO FUL KATH) fireballs.
  • Obtain new weapons:
  • Loot the Temple:
    • Search the place for many common items to be found here that can be useful.
    • Find the everburning torch.
    • Find the map password for the Temple.
    • Find the map password for the Cellar.
  • Go to interesting places:


There are too many connections between this area and the rest of the dungeon to list those here individually, so look at the pages of the parts this place consists of for details.