Conflux/Places/Dwarven Maze

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  • You can't cast magical light spells there.
  • This area connects the Mines to the Dwarven Fortress through a weak wall.
  • Map

How to get there

  • You'll have to pay one Conflux/Solid Key to get access from the mines or you can first go into the mines, open the "Beware Fireworks" Hall, get to the Maze by going down a pit, get the Dwarven Treasure, and open the door to access the "Beware Firewoks Hall". This is complicated, but it saves the Conflux/Solid Key you can find in the Mines.



  • From, then to the Mines: door at {04,10,23} (must be unlocked from there)
  • From, then to the Mines: "Beware Fireworks" Hall (must be unlocked from both sides)
  • From the Sewers: pit at {03,02,22}
  • To, then from the Dwarven Fortress: weak wall and switch to open the door
  • To, then from the Guilds: through elevator at {4,10,1}