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The Conflux Dungeon gives you some special points when achieving special actions, reaching special places or getting special items.

  • The "Competition scroll" in the Hall of Champions will show how many points you earned and your ranking.
  • Currently the maximum number of points that can be obtained by a single Champion is 130.
  • Currently the maximum number of points that can be obtained from The Competition is 191.
  • Your party must be carrying the "Competition scroll" at all times in order to display points towards the Competition.
Points The Challenge Rating
0 - 19 Neophyte Dungeoner.
20 - 39 Novice Dungeoner.
40 - 59 Apprentice Dungeoner.
60 - 79 Journeyman Dungeoner.
80 - 99 Craftsman Dungeoner.
100 - 119 Artisan Dungeoner.
120 - 139 Adept Hero.
140 - 169 Expert Hero.
170 - 179 Dunegon Master.
180 - 191 Dungeon Archmaster.

The Competition Quests:

1 point quests (total of 26 points):
  • For each air-rune activated scroll. (total of 5 points)
  • For each flask. (total of 6 points)
  • For each funereal weapon. (total of 7 points)
  • Meet lich Vecna.
  • Kill the Mothers of the Egg Chamber.
  • Find the Fur Trader.
  • Fet the Scorching Silk Whip.
  • Enter the Forges.
  • Get the Dwarven Treasure.
  • Survive the Trial.
  • Win the Circus Prize 99.
3 point quests (total of 30 points):
  • For each Cerberus. (total of 9 points)
  • For each Piece of the Dragon Armour. (total of 15 points)
  • Get the Weapon of Druafang.
  • Get the Burning Whip of the Balrog.
5 point quests (total of 35 points):
  • Find the Kitchen Lab of Solune.
  • Find the Cursed Armoury.
  • Find the Long Lost Wand.
  • Ransack The White Chambers of the Council.
  • Get the Coral Poleyn.
  • Save the Besieged Town. (Altar of the Assault)
  • Get a FIERY Cerberus. (total of 5 points)
10 point quests (total of 40 points):
  • Kill Xanathar.
  • Recover the Crown of Kings from the Archmaster of Mampang.
  • Free the leader of the Council and kill the traitor.
  • Kill all the Council members.
15 point Guildmaster quests (total of 60 points):
  • Collect the Three Relics of Power. (Quest of Leyla)
  • Find a Cure for the Curse of the Darc Armor. (Quest of Halk)
  • Take the control over the legion of Balrogs. (Quest of Gothmog)
  • Banish the Hordes of Demons from our Plane and return. (Quest of Mophus)


Here is a 6-point rush 'movie' of competition entry by Antman (8 MB):