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  • Note: Some information contained herein refers to an older version of Conflux and may have changed in newer versions.

Heavy spoiler!

Remember, I'm not a hardcore gamer like Antman. The following took me hours of game time.

My strategy: I reincarnate Iaido, because of the lock-picks.

Usually, my first goal is to find Furx (Dragon slayer sword) ASAP.

I usually avoid using keys unless I'm stuck, or now that there is no other way.

I go down to train in the Storage area, then to the Wine Cellar,
then I clean up the full Cellar level, and go the the Food Storage (guild level).

Then, some adventure (but not too much) in the Sewers, and then back up to the Minotaur maze, beyond the rats area.

When I'm strong enough, I go to the sewers and progress until the "river". It's a tough fight, which should be taken progressively.

In the river, there is an area on the right side (going with the flow) where you can find a secret path to the Dwarven mine, then to the Crypt.

By now, you should have a mace to fight the spectres and skeletons in the Crypt. Find the Ogre and kill him. Now, in the first Crypt area where equipment is found, there is a secret passage.

Beyond this secret passage, are two bosses that should be dispatched: the King skeleton, and the Spiked Dragon.
Once both are dead, you should have the necessary key to reach the tomb of Knight Whoe Veritis, which happens to contain Furx.

Now is the joke. It's cursed. You have to conquer the Temple now. Go beyond the river, and find the stairs up to the temple.
Kill the Couatls one by one before fighting the high priest. Kill the high priest.

Gather all your cursed items (it should include notably the Vampiric and Funereal dagger) and put a copper coin to get EE-blessed.

Now you can fight down to the spider level without too much problems. Don't forget to open the guild gates regularly.