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Advanced Guide for Champion Selection

Character choice

  • It is recommend that you read the Introduction and Tips.
  • At the start of the game you can choose between five Champions as your first Party member: the four Guild Guides and the first Champion of the Maleficient Guild.
  • Statistics on each Champion can be found in The Guild Champions.
  • You can have between one and four active Champions in your party. See also Inactive Champion below.
  • Choose carefully, Champions cannot be dropped once "Resurrected" or "Reincarnated".
  • Reincarnation allows for better statistics (and you can choose a new name), which is better in the long run.
  • Once you have chosen four Champions, your party is fixed and cannot be permanently changed. See also Inactive Champion below.
  • Some Champions are hidden:
    • The four Maleficient Champions are all in the same mirror one after another
      • This is the only mirror which can be used up to four times.
    • The mirrors on the Crypt level must be unlocked.
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Things to consider before choosing a Champion

  • You can perform two special actions right after the start of the game to gain an additional Guild item for two of the Guild Guides.
    • For more details see the spoiler ("Show text") links on The Guild Champions.
      • It is recommend that you perform these actions, as long as you aren't sure that you won't add those Champions to your party.
  • Beginners should choose the four Guild Guides for their first game.
    • The Guide for each Guild is:
      • Leif, the Fighters' Guild.
      • Iaido, the Ninjas' Guild.
      • Zed, the Priests' Guild.
      • Gando, the Wizards' Guild.
    • These four guides will give the starting player an advantage in learning secrets and avoiding traps over all others. (See Champion Special Abilities below.)
  • Some people recommend having two party members: turning left or right quickly enough, you can avoid spells and weapons thrown at you.
  • To solve the Maleficient Guild's ending, you must pick all four Maleficient Champions.
  • There are six additional Champion mirrors and an altar on the Crypt level.
    • The mirrors must be unlocked before use.
    • You can only add these Champions if you haven't already chosen four active Party members. (See also Inactive Champion below.)
    • These Champions have no known special abilities.

Guild Leader Champions

  • Each Guild Leader has a special Quest and game ending when you add that Champion to your Party. If you want to solve all of the Guild Leaders' Quests in one game, you may only pick one Champion and leave the other places free for the Guild Leaders.
  • In order to complete all four Guild Leader Quests it is necessary to completely "unlock" the Guilds level with an initial single Champion.
    • The possible choices are:
      • Gando
      • Iaido
      • Leif
      • Zed
      • It is technically possible to start with a single member of The Maleficient Guild, but this requires an extreme level of mastery of Conflux and is therefore recommened only for experts.

Champions' Special Abilities

The following table lists Champions with known special abilities.

  • While some Champions may give information at certain areas of Conflux, this table is for abilities unique to a given Champion.
Champion Special Abilities
  • Dreams of Wisdom.
  • Dreams of Vitality.
  • Can tell you about pits and pit traps.
  • Regenerates mana faster when wearing Gift of Tamiel.
  • Can open the door to Neta.
  • Can wield the Sorcerer Wand with the following actions:
    • conjure demon
    • stop
    • assault
  • Can open the door to Ku.
  • Can wear the Darc Armour set without suffering from most of its negative effects.
  • Can awaken the Darc Armour. (See FULBROSAR (FUL BRO SAR).)
  • Enhanced punch and kick.
  • Can unlock the "Pickpocket Moves" spell. (See OHEWROS (OH EW ROS).)
  • Can tell you about doors that can be bashed or blasted.
  • Can tell you about escapes (secret passages).
  • Can tell you about magical locks.
  • Can tell you about traps and secret mechanisms.
  • Can open the door to Ros.
  • Can perform double attacks.
  • Can safely use the Crystal Blade. (See Crystal Blade.)
  • Can wield the Crystal Blade with the following actions:
    • cut
    • sever
    • dismember
  • Can tell you about doors that can be bashed.
  • Inflicts greater damage on doors.
  • Dreams of Dexterity.
  • Can open the door to Dain.
  • Can wear the Holy Armour set without suffering from its negative effects.
  • Can awaken the Holy Armour. (See FULBROSAR (FUL BRO SAR).)
  • Can wield the Leviathan axe without any loss of Strength and inflicts extra damage with it.
  • Can wield Leviathon with the following actions:
    • crush
    • maim
    • overwhelm
  • Can give information about many Dwarven secrets.
  • Can recognise false Powergems.
  • Immuned to Doom of Stamm.
  • Very fast with axes.
  • Gains Luck, Anti-Magic, Anti-Fire while sleeping with pendant feral.
  • Can inflict extra damage on Summoned Elementals with Vorple Blade.
  • Can wield a Vorple Blade with the following actions:
    • pierce
    • strike
    • expel
Wu Tse
  • Fast enhanced damage with Caliburn.
  • Can wield the Beobow with the following actions:
    • fast shoot
    • window
  • Faster and enhanced damage with Beobow.
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  • Can give you various Lore and obeservations about certain areas.
  • Can tell you about magical fluxes (teleporters).
  • Can tell you about the meaning of runes and pictograms.
  • Can warn you about certain Creatures.

Advanced Topics

The following sections contain hints for advanced players.

Inactive Champion

For information on swaping a Champion late in the game, see: Show text

Deathtrap Dungeon

If you are using an old enough Conflux version, or a WIP004 pre-release inofficially made available on the Dungeonmaster Forum by Zyx, you can begin the game in the "Deathtrap Dungeon" rather than the Guilds.

This section of Conflux is locked in normal versions.

If you decide to go through the Deathtrap Dungeon:

  • Your first party member will be "Hero", since no other Champion mirror is reachable.
  • Your second party member must be "Throm", or you will get stuck if you don't take him with you.

After surviving the Deathtrap Dungeon, you will be teleported back to the Guilds, where you can then continue your game at the normal starting point.

  • Upon leaving the Deathtrap Dungeon, one Champion will be dead. (You even won't have his bones for resurrection at a VI Altar.)