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  • The aim of this dungeon is to propose another experience of DM. Be prepared to have to learn it all again.
  • Many monsters are lethal with enhanced powers and AI. Think about new strategies!
  • Get a flask as soon as possible and try the spells.
  • The game is not linear. Though you may access almost any zone from the start, you shouldn't hurry to go downstairs. It is possible to reach the emerald level in a few minutes, but you wouldn't survive very long.
  • You were sent in the undercity with a very vague task: "to save the city". You should explore the undercity and figure what's going on. There is much more than just a main quest ending.
  • There are no starving-to-death traps. There is always an exit.


  • Pick the 4 guides the first time to uncover many secrets.
  • For a greater challenge, start with only one guide and try to get 3 guildmasters by venturing into the dungeon and earning guilds' grades.
  • For the greatest challenge of all, start the game with the maleficient guild. Only for insane players. It is probably impossible to reach the ending. I repeat: difficulty=impossible. So don't complain if you try it!
  • Unleash Hell for more difficulty. (hardcore gamers only!)