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Dungeon Strikes Back (henceforth DSB) is a heavily Lua-powered and quite scriptable attempt at a DM game engine. Though the program code itself is original, the graphics and sounds have been appropriated from Dungeon Master (and Chaos Strikes Back), and the game's formulas have been researched using two excellent resources: CSBwin and the DM Encyclopaedia. At the present time, it is still in development and may have bugs. Please report them if you happen to run across any. Download the program here.

The Dungeon Master dungeon itself has been ported by Joramun and is currently being tested, though it is quite playable. However, DSB is capable of much more than the basic DM engine. Due to the ability of the Lua scripting language to change nearly any aspect of the game engine, dungeon designers are able to create nearly anything they like.

These pages are an attempt to document the features available within DSB. Feel free to edit them if you've found something useful or interesting.