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A Practical Guide to the Care and Feeding of a Cerberus

What is a Cerberus?

A Cerberus is a very rare magic pet that can only be found in the realms of Conflux. Cerberi are in fact so rare that only three are known to exist. They are therefore sought out and coveted by powerfull Wizards and Monsters.

How Your Wizard Level Influences Your Cerberus.

Wizard Level Expert Priest Description Um Master Priest Identify
Neophyte This Animal Hates You. The Cerberus Tears Your Face With Its Claws.
Novice This Animal Hates You. -
Apprentice This Animal Is Angry. The Cerberus Hisses At You.
Journeyman This Animal Is Angry. The Cerberus Groars. (Zyx says this will be fixed in wip004)
Craftsman This Animal Is Angry. -
Artisan This Animal Does Not Like You. The Cerberus Wiggles And Try To Escape From You. (Zyx says this will be fixed in wip004)
Adept This Animal Does Not Like You. -
Expert This Animal Seams Uncomfortable With You. The Cerberus Moans.
LO (LO) Master This Animal Seams Uncomfortable With You. -
UM (UM) Master This Animal Is Appathetic. -
ON (ON) Master This Animal Is Indifferent. -
EE (EE) Master This Animal Likes You.
PAL (PAL) Master This Animal Likes You. The Cerberus Meows At You.
MON (MON) Master This Animal Adores You. -
Archmaster This Animal Adores You. The Cerberus Curls Up Against You.

Neophyte wizards and below will actually take damage trying to view a Cerberus.

Where can I obtain my own Cerberus?

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What Can Your Cerberus Do For You?

Your Cerberus loves to be useful, and will allow you "swing" it at monsters. When swung, your Cerberus will cry out with a sound much like a cougar. A Cerberus also likes playing with items in your quiver and pouch, and can "shoot" arrows, rocks, daggers, thorns and other items, but they don't go more than a square. To get the full potential of your Cerberus, however, it is necessary to feed it.

How Do I Feed A Cerberus?

A Cerberus is fed with the spell that transforms a normal Cerberus into a Fiery Cerberus. This spell Show text

gives your Cerberus the ability to cast fireballs! As such, you gain the ability to inflict fiery magical damage even if you have exhausted your own personal mana. You must have achieved UM (UM) level Wizard Mastery to cast this spell. Casters are also limited to a maximum power level of 1 minus their existing Wizard level. Thus an UM (UM) Master Wizard can only cast a LO (LO) level version of the spell. Such a Fiery Cerberus will cast a single fireball before reverting to a normal Cerberus and want to be fed again.

Know Your Cerberus By Its Behavior.

Like most cats, your Cerberus will be bored if it is not in your weapon hand(getting pet). To alleviate its boredom, it will actively move randomly to any open places in your inventory. When it does so, you will hear your Cerberus make a muttering sound. This is all perfectly normal and can be safely ignored.

Even from your inventory, your Cerberus can sense certain dangerous monsters. When in close proximity to hidden Demons(even disguised ones), Stone Salimanders, and Litches your Cerberus will issue its cougar cry. Be sure to take heed of these warnings when they occur.

It's all in the Eyes.

Cerberus-brown.gif Cerberus-dk-blue.gif Cerberus-dk-green.gif Cerberus-orange.gif Cerberus-tan.gif Cerberus-violet.gif

  • A Cerberus' eyes will change color based on what level you are on.
  • Currently, orange is the most common eye color and violet only present in Temple.
  • This section will need updating as more information about this becomes available.