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This is a general solution which should work for each Guild Guide and even for a single Maleficient. Of course some things could be optimized. But my goal was to provide a solution, that works for each Champion and also for the Maleficients.

Possible optimizations and alternatives might be mentioned where appropriate.

The aim of this guide is to explore as much as possible and to get as much Challenge points as possible.

The aim is definitely not to run through as fast as possible. Anyway – who wants to run fast through this fantastic game?

To provide this guide, I'm playing the following 8 different parties in parallel in different folders:

  1. Leif, Iaido, Zed, Gando

  2. Leif

  3. Iaido

  4. Zed

  5. Gando

  6. 4 Maleficients

  7. 1 Maleficient (for the Maleficient quest - killed 3 Melficients)

  8. 1 Maleficient (for the 4 Guild leaders)

Note: in the meantime I added some more groups (e.g. for the Champions of the Crypt).

I also maintain a list of open stuff that has been detected, but not yet been explored or done:

  • stairs, ladders, teleporters, ... not yet used

  • doors not yet opened

  • corridors not yet used

  • riddles not yet solved

  • enemies not yet defeated

  • hints on items not yet found

  • ...

This list will be provided regularly where I think it's appropriate.

All notes are based on version WIP008.

Most game terms start with uppercase letters.

Spells will only be used after detection (I like my rock hard – Lee Aaron)!

I'm not a native speaker, but this also has an advantage: other non-native speakers should easily understand me...

Important Warning

Do not edit this page manually!!! I generate the complete page automatically from a private file. So anything you change will be lost after my next update.
In case you find something that should be changed/added, please let me know: either here or in the Dungeon Master forum (I'm Zan there also). Please let me know, whether I should mention your name as input source or whether you prefer to stay anonymously.


You can download the complete file from the following website: Zan's Exploration Guide

The files are available in the formats OpenOffice, PDF and Wiki-format.

Please note, that the files might contain more informations – especially more Champion groups than the wiki. This is due to the limited file size of 2 MB in the wiki.

Formatting Notes

Some entries look like

<champion 1, champion 2, ...>: text

These are valid only for the mentioned champions / champion groups.

Some places are marked as "Important Place", so you can easily search for them in this document.

Some sections are backgrounded purple. These are heavy spoilers.
For example for the Black Pudding, there is first a section that simply says: "Kill the Rock Pile". This section is followed by a purple section giving you a trick how to do this very fast.


G4: Group of four Guide Champions

M4: Maleficient group of four Maleficient Champions for the Maleficient Quest

M4-1: Maleficient group of four Maleficient Champions – resurrected – 3 killed and not used ( for the Maleficient Quest).

M: Single Maleficient Champion (for the 4 Guild Leaders)

M*: M4, M4-1, M

X: done

((X)): done before

---: not done / not relevant / not found / hint only

tbd: to be done later

Zan's Exploration Guides

Due to wiki file size limitation I had to split up the guide into several files. Additonally I swapped them out to provide a (hopefully) better overview in this file.

Release Notes







More about the Crypt.

Spider Level added.

Way to the Oracle in levels 7 and 8 added.

Gaze of Fate found and used.

Guild Item Locations added (File Versions only).

Important updates in old stuff

Aim 22: violet Rope hint updated

Aim 29 C: added infos about the scroll "HLOR U FANG AXAXAXAS HLO" in violet cell.



Everything needed to unveil all guild leaders

Levels until Mines widely explored

Crypt: path to the northern Monk Staff explored



Sewers added.

About 95% of the Sewers finished.

Major open topics here: 2 Maleficient riddles.



Added Release Notes

Added chapter "Downloads" in Introduction

Added to the guide everything, that is needed to unlock 5 doors of each Guild and thus to remove any XP restrictions:

  • major parts of levels 0 and 1 (guilds, cellar)

  • minor parts of levels 2-4 and 34 (temple, sewers, mines, fur trader)



Prelude for the Maleficients (thoughts for a good start)

Wine Cellar

Cellar (including getting "Supplies for the Strong" with very low Health)

Rat Lair

MIPS area / Black Pudding

Minotaur's Maze

Treasure Area (partly)

Getting the Flask

Storage Cellar

Unlocking the Fireball spell