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Antman wrote on the forum :

I am interested in documenting battle strategies, almost solely for the crypt level. I still don't know how you're supposed to kill the black/grey mummy like guys on that level without mace Windu or the Caliburn and Leviathan (which are unique items from the fighter's and priest's guilds), the only thing I found which does damage, aside from magic, is cleave on the Vorpal Blade. I know for all the other monsters, aside from immaterial monsters, the spiked mace is totally dominant compared to anything else, aside from Windu, Caliburn and Leviathan.

Essentially you need three weapons to combat all monsters, so going from best to worst.

  1. Caliburn - Vorpal Blade
  2. Mace Windu - Caliburn - Spiked Mace - Mace of Order (unique) - Mace of Order - Mace
  3. Caliburn - Druafang's weapon (uncursed) - Rapier (the rapier (funeral) and axe (funeral) would be there but they seem to sap your strength now.) The Leviathan is probably in there somewhere as well, but I think it's too slow. Best to use the Caliburn with it's second attack.

There is some cross over between lists 2 and 3 as both the Spiked Mace and Druafang's weapon can be effective on one monster. Also, for golems I always use punch, unless I've got the Caliburn, that weapon seems to dominate almost anything. Other than that there's not much more I'd say about weapon choices.

Joramun adds:

As for the weapon set, I'd add : Gauntlet of Swiftness to hack golems to pieces. It's like punching, but on steroids/shrooms/snapdragons: cooldown is instant.

Windu is easily found, plus it grants quest points.