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If you plan to use magic you should be aware of the meaning of the runes in Conflux III…


YA (YA) (hashed square)
Solidity and structure are the main components of the symbol YA, used to represent the elemental influence of earth. A useful syllable, YA is the basis of many protection spells.
VI (VI) (approximately-equals sign)
Water is the most precious of the elemental influences, for, more than a thirst quencher, water can give vigor and new strengths to the body. The syllable VI petitions the aid of this least abundant element.
OH (OH) (four dots in rhombus formation)
The elemental influence of air is conjured with the spell syllable OH, and the properties of gases are often imparted to the result. In knowledgeable hands, this symbol can be used to temporarily alter vision and see the heat of footprints.
FUL (FUL) (you know, the magic torch one!)
The syllable FUL invokes the elemental power of fire. It extracts the essence of heat and flame from the air and all nearby substances and temporarily concentrates them under the control of the magic-user. Further syllables can concentrate this energy to produce a devastating fireball.
DES (DES) (circle over line)
The sun, source of everything, shines over the plain of the symbol DES. Like the powerful rays of energy it represents, this syllable invokes the pure energy, the mana. Further syllables can bottle this power or give it a target.
ZO (ZO) (three mutually-touching circles)
The most dangerous of the elemental influences is not fire, but death itself: ZO. Necromantic spells are based on this syllable, because creating life means tapping from death. However, a great deal of Mana must be expended to keep this essence under control, for it can absorb the artificial life from such created being as quickly as it gave it.


VEN (VEN) (Hourglass)
The queen of venom, the black-widow spider brandishes a single spot of color on her otherwise jet-black form. Hourglass-shaped, she seems to warn that time will soon run out for the unfortunate soul she bites. In the symbology of magic, the hourglass represents the syllable VEN, which encompasses and conducts all things poisonous.
EW (EW) (b)
EW depicts the return of energy to its source. This syllable is used to negate an aspect, or to draw power from any material object or being. It is the negation by excellence.
KATH (KATH) (lines expanding from point)
The expanding lines of the symbol KATH characterize the shockwaves emanating from a single source. This follows, for the syllable KATH imparts explosive force to spells which already involve energetic elements such as fire. Reversely, it is possible to concentrate the energy in a singularity.
IR (IR) (curly E)
IR represents the harmonized combination of influences: two arcs joined by their tangent. The syllable IR imparts the properties of an alignment to an element by an additive operation.
BRO (BRO) (directors' hand gesture when framing a shot)
The reciprocal arms of the symbol BRO represent the mutual support and honesty of true friendship: in other words, protection. However, recent usage of this construct has drawn upon its power for the creation of beneficial potions.
GOR (GOR) (Lightning)
Constructed from components of lightning and alchemy, the jagged line of the symbol GOR combines to invoke dynamic energies. Like its opposite, BRO, recent usage has broadened the power of GOR to the creation of dangerous artefacts.


KU (KU) (sword)
The sword of the fighter is clearly symbolized by KU, the evoker of all things martial.
ROS (ROS) (dot over "u")
The symbol for ROS depicts a hand reaching for an object of value, and, as such, is the abstraction for a syllable that involves all aspects of the thief and his art.
DAIN (DAIN) (blown over scarecrow(!))
DAIN depicts the spell leaving the magician's raised staff, and in turn conjures the realm of the wizard and draws around the skills and power of their art.
NETA (NETA) (crucifix)
The cross is unmistakable in the priestly character NETA. But, unlike the syllables for the other classes, NETA is influenced far less by the natural forces. Instead, the power of this symbol is related to the magic-user's standing with his or her god. But the favor of a deity is not easily bottled, so potions having this intent are rarely effective.
RA (RA) (*)
RA is the most energetic and powerful of the spell syllables. The power and essence of magic are the sources tapped with this syllable. Fortunately, it happens to be a somewhat cooperative form of energy and is relatively easy to channel once the magic-user has learned to draw it forth.
SAR (SAR) (circle with horns)
The SAR symbol depicts the head of a demon. The demon stands for darkness and evil and the guardian of the night, the moon. The power of darkness is great, but unruly, so magic-users must expend more of their own Mana energy when attempting to control it. Evil owes no allegiance, and is therefore an inherently dangerous element to include in a spell.