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  • Please note that this path is an explicit spoiler. It is the result of over 20+ Conflux playthroughs, from Conflux_3.5_B8 to Conflux_WIP006 and an unfinished attempt to find the optimal path for each of the Guides to unlock the Guilds with all Guildmasters available for joining the Party.
  • Location names are determined from the Hint Oracle whenever such information is given.
  • It's assumed that the reader will have played though the game with all four Guides to find the 15 map password scrolls (download the maps from

To live and die and live again, you get used to it as a Phoenix... I remember the old days of the four Guides of 3.5_B8. Their struggle let to the knowledge of Conflux. I have lived through many Great Changes and with each I find myself called forth to direct one or more Champions into Conflux... This is the time of the Great Change known as WIP006, and this is the story of how I unlocked the Ancient Guilds...

Each of the Guides has their advantages and disadvantages when choosing a solo Champion... Iaido is the easiest and Gando the hardest, but for this trial I will push open the Priest Guild with Zed...The beginning is always the hardest...So weak and with so little Stamina, but I have been here many times before...

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