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Illnesses of Conflux

Conflux is very different from DM/CSB in that it is possible to become sick. Champions that are sick can become incapacitated and unable to perform any action except movement and spell casting. The view will randomly shake and a shuddering sound will be heard. Also durring this time, the sick Champion will have thier action icon grey and will be unable to use weapons to attack.

Major Illnesses

When certain Creatures attack your Party, they can inflict one or more of the following diseases:

Name Effect Comments
*Shakies *Chills and Temblors run along you body. Screen shake with loss of action.
*Fever *Fever and Sweat Trouble You. -
*Bone Cold *Your Bones Feel Icy and Fragile. Incereased damage from fire.
*Bad Cough *You Feel Nauseous And Sick. Coughing with loss of action.

All illnesses are acompanied by one or more stat reductions triggering the Champion eye icon to turn red. Most diseases reduce Vitality, but some also reduce Dexterity and/or Anti-Fire.


Illnesses can be cured via:

  • Ichor (Healing Potion)
  • Serum (Anti-Venom)
  • Juices
  • SAR Wines

Since diseases can only be cured via drinking of liquids, it is essencial to obtain a Flask as soon as possible. While there is a small percentage chance that drinking SAR Wines will cure a disease, Ichor, Serum, and Juices have the best chance at curing them.

When a disease is cured, a message stating "You Feel Better." will be displayed, but recovery from any stat reductions will require rest or additional potions.

It can help to boost affected stats above normal during a course of treatment.

Note: The above cures only offer a percentage chance to remove a disease. Repeat until cured.

Note: Any given treatment is typically only good for a single disease. Therefore, it may be necessary to repeat treatment if a Champion has multiple illnesses. Carrying a few Chewer Pods around for Juice can be helpful.


The Lich Vecna should be avoided whenever possible as she has a powerfull curse. Vecna's curse inflicts all four diseases upon all members of your Party.