Conflux/Fragments of the annals of the Guilds

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Maleficient guild

By all means avoid this guild devoted to evil rites! It will only bring you ill fate. They have too much to pay for for any redemption. They were dedicated to evil rites, disturbing the dead and even reviving them!

Sect of Ninjas and Assassins

Iaido himself founded the Guild, and taught so well his students that many surpassed him and became more feared than shadows themselves. Such ones were Linflas, Azizi, Wuuf the Bika who always shot from the darkness, the mysterious Alex Ander who knew the secret of speed and whose end is uncertain, and of course Leyla Shadowseek, accomplished spy who could severe a head silently and disappear before the body had fallen to the ground.

Iaido is however the most famous thief of all ages, as no house, no prison, no castle was ever an obstacle for him in the end.

Hall of Warriors

You will easily recognize Leif the Valiant, also called the Giant from the North, by his red hair: even Death could not corrupt him. He's a great Warrior of unequalled strength. He once was the best friend of Stamm Bladecaster, but the discovery of the Shield of Darc, in the years of the Troubled Age, divided them: the power of the shield overwhelmed Stamm's will, and he chose to become an outcast rather than killing his old companions in one of his rages of battle. A sad story, because he was the last of his kind, and many dwarven secrets were lost with him.

The Council never allowed the Guild to take care of his remains, due to the killing of several councilors during one of his unstoppable frenzies.

But the power of Darkness didn't stop here and eventually destroyed the entire Guild of Fighters: the best warriors, like Daroou or Hissssa, became lone wolves, hunting by themselves. Halk the Barbarian inherited the malevolent armor and hurled himself against the armies of Lord Chaos, until he found peace, leaving only scattered, terrified demons to be easily vanquished by the Council.

Some say Sonja She Devil was already stained by evil...but only she could lift the Axe of Doom, forged long ago by the Dwarven Lords, to protect their fortress. And so she did, though their race had departed since then.

Priests Temple

The noble Zed Duke of Banville was a dilettante: he studied all crafts, traveled the seven seas, and went where no other human did. He was immensely knowledgeable and could read almost all languages. He owned the Trumpet of Terror, a heirloom in his family; this artifact had been used in every war and seeded doubt and fright in the heart of every enemy of the city.

Some of the best defenders of the city are in the Guild of Priests: Hawk the Fearless and Elija Lion of Yaitopya are very known heroes, for example. Every good child knows the Legend of Mophus the Healer, the white armored, the Saint of our city. And every bad child remembers also Wu Tse Son of Heaven when the thoughts are of punishment, as she had no mercy with unholy and evil creatures. Her arm never missed her victim.

Another protector of the city is Nabi the Prophet. He wasn't part of the Guild, and lived in complete retirement inside the mountain. But he always appeared in times of distress, and with his immaculate shield, could repel the spells, projectiles and breaths of the wild hordes. Legend says he held the Vision of Truth.

Sorcery School

Gando Thurfoot has a very long story, since he died at the age of 130. He somehow wasn't getting old anymore. He was murdered by surprise in his bed a few days before elections of the Council, and was buried alone in his grave with his collar; none could take it off. Gando was believed to be a seer but in this case only a strong magic could have veiled his senses. He was very wise and everybody revered his memory. His nephew Boris became wizard at Baldor during the last part of Gando's life. He died the same day in a strange spellcasting accident.

His assistant, Syra, was on mission by then, and succeeded him, reaching the same title years after. She became enemy of the Council though, convinced that her master was murdered upon their orders. She enclosed all her knowledge in a jewel, and gave it to Chani Sayyadina Sihaya, a witch from a distant desert, tamer of giant worms, who helped her in her rebellion.

Last but not least, "little" Tiggy Tamal, savior of the City, renown during the Haunted Times. Only she, amongst all, could fight against things unseen or demons not from our world.

Note from the Council

Because of their tricky nature - and some lesser differences of opinion with the Council -, many of the wizards used to be disguised. Do not let them fool you. Always check their identity carefully.

You may find the Tomb of Gothmog inside the Guild of Wizards. His loyalty to the Council has always been dubious, and rumor says he was leading the Balrogs during the war with a fabulous wand. You may not revive him.