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Dungeon Master Java (DMJava) is a remake of the classic game Dungeon Master by FTL/Software Heaven. It is implemented entirely in Java, and is therefore able to run on any platform supporting [Java version 1.4] or higher with an installed runtime environment (JRE or SDK). The creator, [Alan Berfield], is a software engineer at Apple and is currently working on iPod Games. Visit [DMJava's home page] to download the game which comes with a challenging dungeon. Further information can be found at the excellent [Dungeon Master Encyclopedia]. The Encyclopedia also provides links to further resources and modifications - the original source files are freely available.

Dmjava clonescreenshotdungeonmpl6.jpg

The game engine mechanics are different and thus:

  • An easy to use Editor is available, and many custom dungeons [1] [2] are available.
  • Monsters are not "stuck" in groups: they are completely free to wander, sometimes occupying a square with other monsters and sometimes not.
  • Monsters can chase you up and down stairs, unlike the original.
  • Custom 'Events' are available, including cut scenes such as those in the Eye of the Beholder series.
  • And much, much more!

Creating custom dungeons