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Item Pick area too low - RESOLVED

2) for certain items, in CSBwin, when you click on them on the floor to pick them up, the responsive area the the click is like 2 pixels too low. ie, if you click under the item, you pick it up, and if you click on its upper border, nothing happens. try the magic box (blue) named MAGIC PURSE in this graphics.dat.

DSA function to slow party - Already coded, should be tested

2) would it be possible, through a DSA instruction, to slow down the party for their next step, as when heavily loaded? - The slow down counter would decrease for each step taken. (if a counter is not technically possible, the effect would simply be gone as soon as the party makes a step.) - Turning would be slowed too but it wouldn't decrease the counter.

Adding/Referencing flag in Missile - Priority = 6

3) about missiles, I saw the thread on the forum... great ideas! out of joke, I'd like to be able use one of the unsed byte as a flag. I would set it during the &CAST, &FILTEREDCAST, &THROW, so I cand find it later in the MissileEncounterFilter. (maybe with a &FLAG operator, so you don't have to change the current syntax of the current commands?) If you allow me to change the direction besides cancelling the impact, I would have a lot of fun.

Slow Missile - Priority = 6

4) Another interesting idea: the slow missile. is it possible to use a byte as a flag telling if it is a normal or slow missile?

Delayed Sound - (Refused - Paul recommends sending a &MESSAGE to a sound DSA)

6) &SOUND ( SoundNumber attenuation(divisor) flags ... ) could the flags be used as delay before hearing the sound?

Using DSA as data - Priority = 4

4) I have a great idea about a flood, but I'd need the following commands: &DSATYPE (ObjectID . . . DSAType) yields -1 when it's not a DSA, 0 to 255 when a DSA &DSASTATE (ObjectID . . . DSAType) yields -1 when it's not a DSA, 0 to err, 200000? when a DSA &DSA_A (ObjectID . . . DSA_A) yields -1 when it's not a DSA, parameter A when a DSA &DSA_B (ObjectID . . . DSA_B) yields -1 when it's not a DSA, parameter B when a DSA

Mirroring decorations - Priority = 2

1) I wanted to set a mirroring effect for north and east, which should give the flags: 00 06 but nothing happens. It only works if I also set mirroring for the 9 views: FF 07. Yes, this is as you said, but then how could I set a north and west mirrorring AND a mirroring for views 0,4,7 for example? I think that it should be a XOR operation, not an AND: mirror if facing bit XOR tile bit is set, otherwise don't.

I think you want to mirror a cell if (Cell bitset) XOR (facing bit set).

That makes some sense. I will do it.

PRS 20Oct2008

Floor decoration in stairwell - Priority = 3

could the floor decorations be visible on staircases?

DSA start state limitation - Priority = 3

the starting state of a DSA can only be between 0 and 15. is it on purpose?

Floor decoration glitch - Priority = 1 (maybe already fixed, to be checked)

just to test the extreme case, I made a 244 x 136 floor (see attachment) views 0 and 2 are glitched because they should be cut off. views 6,7 and 8 are glitched due to the width of 224.

Graphic of dropped items missing - Priority = 2

if at runtime I drop (through a &ADD or a monster dying) an actuator or a decoration DSA on the floor, the graphic won't appear if there are items on the floor. I have to remove the items to make the graphic appear.

3D floor decorations - Priority = 2

I'd like to make floor decorations with height, which means that items on the far side of the tile should be drawn before drawing the tile decoration, as for doors. Could you have a try about this bit in the floor descriptors to behave like doors?

Monster Poison/Magic resistance - Priority = 5

from the documentation published by Christophe, for monsters descriptors: 12h (18) 1 word (big endian):

   * Bits 15-12: Unused, always 0.
   * Bits 11-8: Poison resistance (Clouds and Bolts). Value 15 means the creature is immune.
   * Bits 7-4: Fire resistance (Magic resistance). Value 15 means the creature is immune. Does it apply only to fire or all magic?

The resistances, thus, are wether a complete vulnerability or a complete immunity.

Would it be possible, to compute partial resistances when the value is between 1 and 14 (included)? For backward compatibility, put a general check in CSBuild for the dungeon: "allow partial resistances for monsters".

Playback bug when clicking on Prison Door - Priority = ?

I think the bug that was fixed involved left clicking in the game loaded screen, this one involves right clicking. Anyway, I was able to recreate the bug with the latest version, 10.089, from constructtorch. How about the game I tried to splice the logs of? I don't won't to keep playing until I can make it work. Something weird happens when I try to cast a YA spell. For some reason in the playback I have less mana at the point I try to cast it than I did in the actual game.

DSA function to get Skin Number - Priority = 4 - FIXED

2) it would be interesting to be able, through a DSA, to know the skin number associated to a location. this would allow me to link rules directly to skins (no fireball when on a tile with an aquatic skin, for example)

OK. I will provide a &SKIN ( location . . . skinNumber ) PRS 19Oct08

DONE 20Oct2008 PRS

Alternate Froor Decoration Glitched - FIXED

this alternate floor decoration is glitched, I don't know why. It's the concatenation of group0.txt (54bytes+2) and F.bin (800bytes) I checked the floordec000.bin that came in the construct torch, and it doesn't have the two bytes of zero after the 54bytes of the descryptor, yet the documentation states that they should be there since 54 is not a multiple of 4. Just for the sake of it, I tried using only 54 bytes instead of 56 with my alternate decoration, and the view 8 is correct, the other glitched. With 56 bytes everything is glitched.


3) I'm thinking about making a few selected animated floor and wall decorations. this time I'm not forgetting about the possible choking of the CPU. The most frequent operation that will occur will be to check if the party is on the level and near the DSA. would it be possible to create a command like this: &DISTANCEFROMPARTY (location . . . Distance) Distance would be -1 if the party is not on the same level than location otherwise, distance is the number of tiles between location and the party (x + y), 0 meaning the party is on the location.

&PARTYDISTANCE with CSBuild 3.01 gives an error of DSA code when I close/open the DSA containing this instruction.

Request Overlay transparent color - Completed and FIXED

About &overlay: I was wondering if it would be possible to define a transparent color for the viewport overlays since p1,p3 and p4 are not used.

I have implemented this in CSBwin10.093. See documentation at:http://www.dianneandpaul.net/CSBwin/documentation/ViewportOverlay.html

Paul 15 October 2008